Top 10 best laptops of 2021 (with price and features)

Laptops with various brands, prices and features are now available in the market. 
It is awkward for anyone to choose and buy the best laptop in so many laptops.

A good laptop can balance power, efficiency, portability and comfort. Such laptops have a good keyboard and trackpad. This is why you choose a laptop instead of a smartphone.

Its brightness, sharpness and display should all be eye-friendly. It should also be powerful enough for video editing and advanced gaming. The battery should also be durable. 

So today we are telling you about the best laptops of 2020. 

Dell XPS 13 (2020)

If you want to buy the best all-rounder laptop, Dell's new XPS 13 will be perfect. It has a tenth generation Intel processor and powerful graphics and a bezel-free 16:10 panel.

It has a 1920 by 1200 pixels or 4K display. Its display is great for anyone doing graphics design work.

It gives a brightness of 500 nits in a bright room or outside screen. Its battery is also very good.

Its base model has Core i5 1035G1, 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. If you just browse the internet then this is right for you.

But if you want to play games or do any creative work, you need to upgrade its storage and RAM. Its average price in the international market is one thousand dollars.

HP Inbhi x340 (2020)

Now you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a laptop with premium looks. HP's Invi X360 laptop is an excellent budget segment laptop. Its design is very compact, strong and beautiful and the performance is also good. 

This laptop has a bezel-less display and a touchscreen. For brightness you can choose a panel of three hundred, four hundred and one thousand nits.

A very simple hot key has been added to the keyboard and it also has kill switches on the microphone and webcam. An interesting feature is that it has AMD's Rise 4000 series.

It handles heavy load multitasking well and has excellent gaming performance with its integrated radon graphics. Its average price in the international market is ९ 739.

Myakbook Air (2020)

For those who like Apple's devices, the MacBook Air is a great option. It has a tenth generation Intel processor, but is available in a lower power variant than Dell's XPS 13.

It has a Sharp Retina display and a new Caesar Switch keyboard. Its base model has Core i3, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage.

It can be found in the market for only a thousand dollars, but you can get a laptop with a processor upgraded to Core i5 with a little extra money. 

The 2020 MacBook Air has a new and improved keyboard similar to the 16-inch MacBook Pro. It doesn't even have the controversial feature touchbar.

It has a very attractive feature of standard top row and function. It has a Touch ID fingerprint scanner for easy login and payment authentication. Its design, display, performance are all good. 

Asus Rug Jeffyrus G18

Asus's Rug Xperia G14 is a very good and powerful gaming laptop available at a low price. It has AMD's new Rigen 94900 HS and Nvidia's RTX 2060 Max Q GPU and a 120 Hz display. 

It can run the most demanding games of today in a high level setting without any problems. 

It also weighs at least three and a half pounds. Battery life is attractive, which can last up to 9 hours of gaming and multitasking. 

Aside from games, this is a great notebook for business and daily multitasking. But it does not have a webcam. Its average price in the international market is, 1,450. 

MacBook Pro (16 inches, 2019) 

For power users, Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro is the best laptop. The keyboard is attractive.

The MacBook Pro has a very good sound, it has three speakers on three sides, including two offerings. Balanced audio can be heard due to its adjustable diameter and stereo compression. 

Video editing, a lot of audio tracks and a lot of photos have to be processed, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro is a great option. Its average price in the international market is ३ 2,399. 

HP Elite Dragon Fly

The HP Elite Dragon Fly is a business laptop with solid security. This is a great device for business people.

Its 2020 model uses HP's Super Secure Sure View Reflect technology. While working in public places, its screen can be distorted and hidden.

When the screen is not bent, it gives seven hundred nits of brightness, which gives a very good viewing angle. 

This is the first laptop with a built-in tile tracker. This means you can set off the alarm using the Tile smartphone app if you lose your device (in case Bluetooth is on range).

You can locate your device anywhere in the world from Tile's crowdfunding network. It has an incredible battery capacity of up to 11 hours.

Its average price in the international market is २ 1962.    

Lenobho Crombuk Doyt 

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet is a great laptop for kids. This 10 inch laptop is very good. It has detachable keyboard and kickstand. 

Weighing 2.03 pounds, the laptop has a battery life of 11 hours. The MediaTek processor in it can handle the workload of the laptop.

Suitable for kids, this laptop is easy to browse a few tabs, watch Netflix, play Android games and edit photos. 

For Chrome OS, it also has tablet mode, which also supports Android-inspired gesture navigation system and separate Chrome layout. 

For those on a low budget, the Chromebook Duet is great. Its average price in the international market is ९९ 299. 

HP Specter x 360 13 (Late 2019)  

The HP Specter X360 is a premium level two-in-one window laptop. It has Intel's new processor, vibrate touchscreen and many port options, which are not found in laptops in this segment. 

This laptop weighs less than three pounds. This laptop is also great for travelers. Its new model has a smaller footprint than the old one.

It has both facial and fingerprint biometric authentication. Its average price in the international market is १२ 1250. 

Myakbook Pro 13 (2020) 

If you want a laptop that is more powerful than the Air but cheaper than the 16-inch MacBook Pro, then the MacBook Pro 13 is a great option. It offers a screen brightness of 500 nits, excellent speakers and a good keyboard. 

There are two models available. You can choose according to your needs. The base model has an eighth generation Intel processor and two Thunderbolt three processors.

Another more expensive version has a tenth generation processor and four Thunderbolt three ports. If you have a budget, a higher priced version may be right for you. The performance between these two generations is also very different. 

The four-Thunderbolt three-port model is priced at an average of सात 1,799. 

Acer Chromebook Spin 713

College or school students need a cheap and light laptop, while the Acer Chromebook Spin 713 is a great option. It's not a cheap model, but it does offer top notch performance at a low price.

It has Core iThree, Five, Seven all available models. It can do heavy work in a simple and smooth way without any lag, noise and heat.  

Its battery can support you all day and the keyboard is also good. Its special feature is the display.

Its sharp panel provides high quality picture. Its screen is actually better than the screen of MacBook Pro. Its average price in the international market is ९ 629. 

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